View Full Version : sound meditation has helped with adhd

12-13-15, 02:41 AM
hi guys i just wanted share something that has helped me.

sound therapy. I started to listening to binaural beats, and solfeggio frequ
encies to balance my energies in my body. I started studying chakra healing and found that when our root chakra is weak we become restless, anxious and fearful. So i started using sound meditation to fix this. I started listening to meditative mind on youtube (extremely powerful series0, and also tibetian singing bowls. (google sonic yogi- free downloads). I started listening to these 7 hours while sleeping and also whenever else i could. This calmed me so much, and the fears and anxiousness have slowly disspeared

Sound vibrations alter alot in the body, including negative energy and energy blocks in our body. It is a very interesting therapy and its drug free, and available to all and free of charge. consistency is needed though and you will see changes overtime