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12-15-15, 05:54 PM
I've come to the realization that unless I move forward and place my almost 17 year old son into a residential treatment facility, I could lose him.

My son has ADD-IN, has major depressive disorder, anxiety, is a recovering marijuana user and he self harms big time. He's failing most of his classes. He's drawing all sorts of suicidal pictures of him being hung.

I'm seeking a referral to a dual diagnosis adolescent treatment facility that takes insurance as many do not. I don't care what state it's in as long as it's top notch. We live in California.

If anyone has a great referral for me, I'd be eternally grateful. I want to move forward with placement following the holidays and his birthday, which is next Monday.

Thank you very much in advance.

DJ Bill
12-15-15, 06:12 PM
I don't think I'd want to wait in your case.. His life is at risk and he might not wait for the end of the holidays to do something.

Sorry but I can't help on the referral other than pointing you to your local mental health advocates.

12-15-15, 06:22 PM
Continue at all times and in all situations to "put yourself in his shoes". Don't sign him up for anything that you wouldn't sign yourself up for. He is most assuredly not as tough as he seems, and that applies even if he doesn't seem tough at all.

In particular, any program or plan that even sounds as if it might involve breaking his will or wearing him down is probably more dangerous in the long term than anything he'll do to himself.

12-15-15, 06:52 PM
We've gone the 51/50 route last summer. His therapist and developmental pediatrician have repeatedly urged us to consider placing him into a dual diagnosis program. He's very lost and shut down right now. I've been dragging my heels, exhausting every conceivable avenue hoping not to place him into a program, but to no avail.

12-15-15, 06:55 PM
There's a place in Utah, called Magna Vista, that sounded great, but they don't accept any insurance plans. They offer lots of activities, schooling at the students own place and therapy. However, it would cost us 10,000 per month.

12-15-15, 09:07 PM
I would say google "inpatient" and "psychiatry" or "inpatient" and "psychiatric" and see what you come up with ... I would make calls to nearby places ... and talk to people about what they specialize in, insurance ... and ask about recommendations to other facilities.

My sense is you just want a really good place ... that does a really thorough intake ... I wouldn't be too focused on the "dual diagnosis" ... by that, you mean ADHD & depression? ... A lot of us have ADHD and depression ... My sense is that any place that treats either one of those conditions and is really good will likely have experience treating the other condition as well.

Good luck.


12-15-15, 10:05 PM
I wouldn't be too focused on the "dual diagnosis" ... by that, you mean ADHD & depression?
In this context, "dual diagnosis" typically means substance abuse + other psych disorder(s).

Some facilities prefer/are staffed to deal with substance abuse only, or psych disorders only. (Never mind that these issues overlap very, very often...) A place that specifically addresses "dual diagnoses" won't reject -- and should be set up to help -- someone with a psych diagnosis who actively abuses substances, or someone who needs focused treatment for an impairing psych disorder in addition to substance abuse counseling.

Infoseeker, I don't personally have any leads to give you, but I wish you and your family strength and all the best in navigating these stormy waters, and I hope you'll find a place that will meet your son's needs. :grouphug:

12-15-15, 10:59 PM
Thank you.
Having a dual diagnosis actually opens up some insurance coverage opportunities. The marijuana usage was way out of control when this diagnosis came up, but now it's deep depression plus self harm. He's so walled up and refusing help that my sense and my family's sense is that he needs to be in a place that not only will help him through his depression, but will also help him defeat the self harming as well as provide him with schooling opportunities.

I am steering away from California, because this states doesn't prevent adolescents from walking out. That's not the case with other states.

12-16-15, 12:43 AM
Slight translation for those not in California: 51/50 refers to the California law allowing some mental patients, or people who have been declared dangerous, to be confined against their will.

In all situations like this involving a young person, I am concerned that people may be in serious danger and need protection from violence, and also concerned that parents or others may be overreacting or exaggerating or just plain mistaken about the nature of the problems the young person is having. IMO we need to keep in mind that in the context of an internet discussion it is absolutely impossible to ever know for certain what's really going on, no matter how much information we may think we've been given or may have already had.

I'll just ask, infoseeker: What's your son's opinion on all this?

12-16-15, 01:57 AM
I'm not exactly certain what you're asking here. My son has over 800 cuts over his entire body. He's depressed and draws pictures of his death. He's been seen by numerous counselors and doesn't want to accept help. He's 16, almost 17. He pulled a knife and threatened his life in front of me, hence the 51/50. He's layered down his grief and needs a village to help him out.