View Full Version : Ritalin not lasting long enough?

12-17-15, 10:56 PM
I was just recently diagnosed with ADHD by a Psychiatrist. My doctor prescribed Ritalin IR which has now gone up to 20mg three times a day. While it works really well and i'm able to sit down and concentrate on studying for the first time in my life the effects wear off really quickly. I'm lucky to get 90 minutes relief from each 20mg dose. It's just not cutting the mustard since I spend 6 hours at uni and three hours should be allocated for studying per day. Would dexamphetamine be any better and last longer? Ive got 5 weeks until I see my doctor and maybe I should bring this up?

12-18-15, 03:39 AM
Most ir meds will not last more than 4 hours but it does seem like ritalin might not be the drug for you. There is no guarantee that an amphetamine would be better for you but its a good possibility.

12-18-15, 05:51 AM
i found dexedrine lasted longer, but i took spansules.

i metabolized instant release ritalin quickly, too. if you want something that's longer lasting, you might try dexedrine...or you could try a long acting form of methylphenidate. concerta is the big one, but there's a generic. they didn't work as well for me (though, i took..metadate, i think...i've not taken concerta).

i think adderall is supposed to last longer as well (the instant release...the XR would, too, of course). but it gave me crappy side effects, so i only took it briefly and can't really speak to its efficacy or duration.

you should definitely tell your doctor though and see what options s/he suggests.

02-14-16, 07:07 AM
The most commonly prescribed meds here in Australia are Ritalin IR or Concerta LR, Dexamphetamine (which can be compounded for slow release) or Strattera. We don't generally have access to Adderall, Vyvanse or other drugs common in other countries.

02-14-16, 08:45 AM
cutting the mustard

My favorite malapropism! :giggle: