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12-18-15, 08:37 AM
I didn't expect to be able to say this this soon after my studies, but: I have a job (especially because I haven't applied for any jobs yet)! A startup at another university has hired me for my GIS/remote sensing skills. I talked with them and the idea was that I could get paid when I have found a project with them. We brainstormed some ideas and I spent some time working on them. Two weeks ago I concluded that I should just go for it, so I quit my job here, I unsubscribed my old room and found a new one. Friday last week I started working there and they offered me a temporary contract to fill in the time before I have a project. This week we had a meeting with some people from a governmental organization who needed someone with remote sensing skills to do some research for them.

The research could provide some interesting results that may have quite a big political impact, depending on the outcome.

I only finished my BSc after ten years of studying, so my assumptions for work were:
1: finding a job in my workfield (even low level) would be quite a challenge (or: no one wants to hire me)
2: if I would find a job it would take quite a lot of time
3: if I got a job it would not be at an academic level, but lower
4: in order to get a job, I would have to apply for lot's of jobs

But all these assumptions proved wrong. It was very easy to get this job (I guess what helps is that I am extremely enthusiastic about my work field and this helps to make a good impression with people I meet - one of whom offered me the job). It took not much time and it is academic - I think it's not unlikely that I will publish my first paper in a few months!

I don't doubt my decision to leave my safe student city and go for this new adventure. Sure there is some risk and it's also a lot of work just before the holidays... I have to finish a lot of things quickly and of course I have to move, and at the same time I am starting this job. I feel a bit of stressed every now and then, but most of the time this motivates me to get working, because the more I get done/the more I finish, the less remains. The reward is that I can leave this city behind where I got stuck in my studies, where I am often reminded of some painful events/bad periods; and I can get a fresh new start in a new city.

Bottom line: life works a lot differently from what I thought! Even though I always tried to improve my life, I also tended to believe (subconsciously) that it's "once a failure, always a failure". Now I am starting to believe that that's not true.

I hope that it works out well. Last year was quite ok already compared with the years before, so I don't see why I should not be able to make another step forward. It would be nice to have a happy/successful life for a while.

12-18-15, 09:48 AM
Congrats! It sounds like an exciting opportunity! I know how wonderful it is when you are able to get a job doing work that truly excites and motivates you!

12-18-15, 09:59 AM
So happy for you, Jacksper. :) May this wave of accomplishment allow you a chance to soak it up and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

12-20-15, 05:54 PM
Thanks everyone!

It's very nice. I hope that I have it in me now to not screw this up. I feel like I may do ok now. Anyways I have decided that to stay calm... just keep coming... just follow my passion and enthusiasm... to not overpromise in order to "prove" myself but just take it step-by-step... first do small things... eventually if I just keep doing that it just may form something great.

And I also try to not *completely* obsess over this job. It's nice and I should go for it, but I should not forget to also take adequate quality free time. I have picked up my triathlon training again and it really helps me to stay in balance. This week I will stay with a good friend in the new city, that will be very nice! I will explore the city. I also plan to start dating again when I have my house... I have been postponing that for years.

12-21-15, 02:20 PM
This is so awesome Jacksper. I'm really happy for you.

What is remote sensing? Sounds interesting.

12-21-15, 04:22 PM
That's the key, always remain calm and mindful as much as you can. Use the force.