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12-19-15, 05:39 PM
Hi all!

There is an interesting story, my experience and observation.Try or not. There are people who cumbersome communication, bad memory,logical ability those not working properly in the responsible for these brain areas.You can through the brain blood flow restoration of these skills to become active. They do so many doctors recommend a daily treatment method approved the use of Ginko biloba, which usually offer many of these problems .Many people of them did not help and not used now trying to present a technique that might help better sent that area of the brain.. It is my experience and I would say a technique that will help you more effectively target the Gingko biloba sent to the brain.
I managed to pull up with the ginkgo give a better qualitative level of these areas.
I can not fully explain deduct derive good because I am neither a doctor nor a neurologist to know exactly how that will focus on how to succeed to exert the effect.

Cerebral circulation blood flow stimulating method.

Talk with your doctor before using this herb.

Simple test and then judge:

1., Eat plenty of foods and take 80mg Gingko biloba swallowed with lots of water.
2., Try to squeeze together the two eyebrows (musculus corrugator supercilii ) to the nasal bone(Procerus muscle). as if you are angry. And keep to hold as long as you can.
So it will this prevails to the ginko effect. As if strongly to concentrate.
Like this: t%20rimpels.jpg

Someone has some noticeable changes? Take chance! I can not describe it well enough, but I think it can be understood. Sorry my english is very poor .But i hope maybe i can help someone somehow.
Got an opinion?

12-21-15, 01:45 PM
I know, it sounds so ******* stupid, what i say. The English grammar even harder comprehended the whole of what I write. But I am convinced that they think wrong, who in total reject this possibility. I'm sure it'll help you, even if no problems have that will be even improving your performance. Itís not the placebo effect, I'm sure. For me it's been good for several years. Hundreds of times since it exert the effect. Lot of Problems me with the learning, speech, memory, logics but when I take it to the methods described above, are eliminated. Simply you feel the effect can be quite addictive thing because you feel super strong and increase your self-esteem. Sometimes I feel physically better than this could not be activated in the memory. Actually it's a pretty powerful stimulant for me is not an herb. Putting aside preconceptions .You just has to believe in it and test it. I am very curious about the results.