View Full Version : Dexedrine IR/ER combo?

12-23-15, 11:20 PM
Right now I'm on Dex IR 10 mg, I find that it definitely doesn't get me through the whole day. I'm taking the Mallinckrodt brand which works very well and have heard it's the best generic for the IR formulation,

Does anyone take IR Dex with the ER capsules? I'm trying to find a combo with the IR and ER to reduce the amount of times I have to take my stimulant.

What is the best Generic ER Dex? Is Mallinckrodt any good?

01-03-16, 07:56 AM
Hi, I dont know how I missed this because I am on a combo. Ive been on dexedrine spansules for years with a 4 year try of adderall in between. Ive been at 60mg a day for a long time, so its can be too much for some people. I stumbled on the dex ir/er combo because I have some absorption issues and neither would work or last the right amount of time. I take 1 10mg dex spansule and 1 10mg dex ir three times a day for a total of 60mg, or 20mg about every 4-5 hours. This works beautifully for me. The spanules I have are barr and I *think* although Im not 100% sure that the brand used to be called dextrostat and its not longer available? Again I am not sure about that one. I take the Teva/Barr brand spansules and I think the corepharma ir although I'll have to check. Even when on adderall I took an xr/ir combo. The Ir seems to get the ball rolling and combined with the spansule I get the longevity I need.