View Full Version : Will the sleepiness of Strattera go away II

12-23-15, 01:41 PM
My daughter just started on this med. She was given a starter pack. The dosage increases each week. She's still on the first week and is now sleeping up to 13 hours. Is this normal.

Carl 3.0
01-31-16, 02:20 PM
I am having the opposite side effect. I have been on the med for 2 months starting at 15mg with the last month at 80mg. Initially I have been getting 3-4 hrs of sleep and waking up at 3 am and not wanting to go back to sleep. Some day are better than others and have been able to sleep up to 7 hrs randomly. 5 seems to be the normal...I would like 8. I hope she feels better.....any luck?