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12-24-15, 10:28 PM
This thread is meant to help me list and learn about all the human mental and emotional biological body parts. (including the brain)

12-25-15, 01:39 AM
Thoughts (cortical) and feelings (subcortical) seem to partly influenced by individual sensitivity of autonomic states (deeply subcortical/brainstem/body)? Insights appreciated.

Interaction between cognition, emotion, and the autonomic nervous system.


The mind and body are intrinsically and dynamically coupled. Perceptions, thoughts and feelings change, and respond to, the state of the body. This chapter describes the integration of cognitive and affective processes with the autonomic control of bodily arousal, focusing on reciprocal effects of autonomic responses on decision making, error detection, memory and emotions. Neuroimaging techniques are beginning to detail the neuronal substrates mediating these interactions between mental and physiological states, implicating cortical regions (specifically insular and cingulate cortices) alongside subcortical (amygdala) and brainstem (notably dorsal pons) in these mechanisms. The extent to which bodily states influence mental processes is determined in part by "interoceptive sensitivity," an index of individual differences in the ability to detect one's own bodily sensations. Moreover, the misidentification or misattribution of interoceptive responses is implicated in a number of pathologies such as depersonalization, schizophrenia, and anxiety. Increasing knowledge of the mechanisms of body-mind interactions has wide ranging implications, from decision making to empathy, and may serve elucidate potential avenues of intervention for stress-sensitive conditions in which psychological, cognitive, and emotional factors impact on the expression of physical symptoms.


Autonomic; decision making; emotion; insula; introspection; memory; neuroimaging; psychosis; psychosomatic medicine

12-26-15, 01:43 PM
How are our peripheral nervous system's, somatic and autonomic (sympathetic/parasympathetic) nervous systems connected to our central nervous system's brain and spinal cord?

12-27-15, 08:11 PM
More specifically. How does our autonomic viceral nervous systems connect to our brains?