View Full Version : Price of dextroamphetamine ER vs Adderall XR

12-25-15, 09:13 PM
My wife has a new job, so we have new insurance. I was spoiled with Group Health which had no deductibles on prescriptions and low co-pays, especially on generics.

I had been taking Adderall XR which helps me some, but it's not the radical "now I can focus!" that others seem to experience. I filled it once under the new insurance and experienced sticker shock. They don't cover generic Adderall XR for some reason and the price for name brand was around $200.

I talked to my psychiatrist about other options. I've been curious about dextroamphetamine since it seems to work well for some. For some reason, I assumed generic dextroamphetamine ER would cost less than name brand Adderall, but it was actually a lot more, almost $300. (I later checked, and the IR twice a day wouldn't be much cheaper.)

What the hell?! Haven't they been making dextroamphetamine since the stone age? Why so much, more than a name brand medication? Is it so expensive to manufacture or does the scheduling status of stimulants add such a huge overhead to the cost?

If it ends up helping me a lot more than Adderall, I'll have to figure something out. (Somehow get hired somewhere with better insurance?) Otherwise, it looks like the only thing affordable is generic Adderall IR and I really don't want to have to remember to take another capsule during the day.

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12-26-15, 03:20 AM
There are a few Reasons Dexedrine (Dextroamphetamine) will cost more than Adderall.

1.) Manufacturing Dexedrine is costly, Cleaving off the right handed isomer from amphetamine to produce only Dextroamphetamine requires many more steps.

2.) Dexedrine (Dextroamphetamine) isn't widely prescribed as it once was, causing the manufacture to increase prices.

12-26-15, 09:16 PM
Thanks, that makes sense.

When I hear on the radio about certain expensive pharmaceuticals costing only pennies to make, I just assume it's all like that. My blood pressure meds only cost a couple bucks for 90 days, for example.