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12-28-15, 10:52 PM
I have 2 boys ages 9 and 6. My oldest was Dx at 7 and my youngest is 2E just recently Dx with ADHD among other things. At this point we use a developmental Ped for med management but he is a fellow at a teaching hospital and is about to move on. I am not happy with his attending so I need to find another "med source". Ideally we would use a psychiatrist, but the ones my insurance will pay for don't see kids regularly or can't work us in for several months and the private pay ones are $250 for the first visit and $90-150 for each additional visit and med check.

In addition, both kids really could benefit from some CBT. But the providers that my mental health insurance will pay for specialize mostly in substance abuse, and that is exactly what I am trying to prevent. Private providers range from $80-$150 an hour. One of the most prevalent symptoms for my oldest is lack of emotional regulation. They both need coping skills to deal with the other one because one is sensory avoidant and one is sensory seeking. The back seat of my car is like a battle field.

Then there is the youngest that is sensory seeking, dysgraphic, can't write his name, and has anxiety but can tell you what Newton did and exactly which of his laws apply to a given situation and quote the Constitution . He also need a tutor and OT.

We are a upper middle class family, and we have access to resources, but they are not unlimited. It seems like every time we turn around it's another $100. How do you pay for what you kid needs and eat too?

12-31-15, 05:13 AM
When you say your son is 2E do you mean two years old? And he is on medication and you want him considered for CBT? Play therapy is about the only therapy that will help your kids because they are not mature enough for what is required for cbt. As far as the other stuff should try and find an in network doc now while you still have your doctor,. While waiting for that to work out, if you still want medication, you will have to see the attending. The alternative is no meds right?

12-31-15, 12:55 PM
2E = "twice exceptional", shorthand for intellectually gifted + ADHD and/or LD and/or other disorder(s).

The OP's sons are 9 and 6.

Have you looked into child psychologists? It's odd that an insurance plan wouldn't have some of those in-network -- or that they'd focus primarily on substance abuse.

Also, are your kids in private school or public school (or homeschooled)? Have you looked into what services the school district might be able to provide (particularly help for the dysgraphia)?