View Full Version : Is it normal for a parent to hide a kid's ADD

12-29-15, 03:10 AM
Sup vBulletin. I just had a little question here. I was at the doctor a couple days ago, and I was just going there to get a shot. In the middle of check up, the physician had mentioned ADD medication. My mom said that I wasn't taking them. In the car ride back, I asked about that, and she said that I probably had ADD. I am in 7th grade, just now realizing that I have a condition I was making fun of with my friends just the day before. My mom had lied to me about this for years, I remember in second grade asking my mom if I had ADD thanks to my strange tendencies, and she told me no, in the midst of her not giving me my ADD medication (which I'm actually thankful for to be quite honest). My main question here is if this is a problem. Should I be concerned?
Sincerely yours, Trevor.

12-30-15, 04:57 AM
I don't think it's that uncommon. Parents do weird things some times. It's probably quite lucky that you overheard what you did. You should keep it in mind and be aware of it because it might cause you great difficulties in the future and make your life much harder than it has to be. Knowing that you might have ADD is very useful information. Some people also outgrow their childhood ADD.

12-30-15, 05:17 AM
It's not exactly right but certainly not uncommon and probably comes from good intentions.

You might want to have a frank non-confrontational talk with your mom though, and ask her now that you are older, to not hide things from you.

12-31-15, 04:36 AM
It happens. Usually its about the parent and not the child. Some parents view issues in their kids as a direct result of bad parenting or bad genetics, of which neither is true.