View Full Version : Bad memory on Strattera?

01-01-16, 10:14 PM
I've been taking Strattera for about three months now and I've been on the max dose of 80 mg daily for about 1 month.

I've noticed my memory has become REALLY bad. Both short- and longterm. Like today, I forgot I was going to the movies with my sister. We agreed to go months ago, I booked the tickets two weeks ago and I bought them on Wednesday. I was really excited, and I just forgot!

I get up to get or do something, and forget what it was. Sometimes I manage to forget before I'm even done standing up from the couch.

I also loose track of time a lot, and when typing I forget to put in words so there are just gaps in the sentences. My typing has also gotten really bad with SO many typos, and I'm usually a very good and very fast typist.

But I can't find much about bad memory when still taking Strattera. WHat Google comes up with is usually bad memory when stopping Strattera.

Heeeeeeeeeeeelp :scratch:

01-02-16, 01:10 AM
I haven't tried Strattera so I'm not sure about but if this is negatively affecting your life, which it is, and started at the same time, then it very well could be. Talk to you doc.

Good luck!