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05-04-05, 06:08 PM
Kudo's to the admins on the forum site!!! L:eek: :eek: ks gr8!!
I am Susy. Alot has happened since I was in here last. I now live in Lothian, Md where I grew up, started family, moved & lived life on the other side of the nation (world), now home & semi retired(SSDI). A life 1/2 filled with neg. emotions,feelings,booze,drugs,yadayada. Within the last 5 yrs, found out that youngest son has adhd, & that it's hereditary. After being clean/sober 15 yrs, having 2 cancer scares,followed by chemo/ cancer Dr. strongly recommends I see a psychiatrist for MAJOR depression. DUH!! Now long term side affects to live with. I go to NA mtngs 2-3 times a week for support, now looking to find a pal to commiserate with.:p I have seen 4 psychs, trial/error meds, & cling to my pc for any/all support, research, info I can connect to. I've been told I could write a book on my experiences as a public speaker @ meetings but the channel remote in my head moves TOO fast. @ present I am focusing on the dreams/passions list counselors have suggested I make. It would help to have a pal to share them with. Family simply shrugs. I love the idea of print/stock modeling (I have several photo shoot portfolios & webpage), background extra acting, location production/makeup. I also LOVE H.D. cycles (wish I had the budget to own 1), boating, flying. Currently I take Stattera (ADHD), Buspirone (panic/anxiety attacks), Temazepam (insomnia), Estropipate (hrt). Mind is running like a frieght train. Any comments would b appreciated:cool:.Tnx for the space to splatter:D

05-04-05, 11:54 PM
Welcome back. Sounds like quite the ride. I look forward to hearing some of the details of what's worked for you.

Check out the guidelines, use the search function and jump right in, the water is warm. :D