View Full Version : Cymbalta-- reducing amount slowly. when do you feel a difference?

01-04-16, 07:47 AM
Hello! I have taken Cymbalta for quite awhile, something like 8 or 9 years I'm thinking, although I did quit for a year. I used to take 120mgs and then was at 60mgs for many years. Anyway, I'm trying to wean my way off of it again, very slowly... I experienced unpleasant side effects trying to quit in the past so I am just pouring out a certain number of pebbles each night. For example, right now Im at minus 18 pebbles, hehe.
I'm curious... when did other people begin to experience the effect of being off the medication? I am assuming i might have more difficult feelings, unsure. i'm just curious at what point you can feel a change or a difference. I.e., from 60mgs to... 45mgs..?/ would you notice?
thanks for any info/experience.

01-04-16, 11:13 AM
What were you prescribed the cymbalta for? And why do you feel you need to stop taking it ?

01-05-16, 04:05 AM
Prescribed as an anti-depressant. Lots of reasons I'd rather be off of it, but if I feel worse then I'll go back on/stay on.

01-05-16, 04:40 AM
Well whatever you do, be sure to do this under a doctors supervision and not on your own.

01-11-16, 10:06 AM
I've only poured out 18 pebbles from my dose, lol. Does my psychiatrist know? No, but he lets me do whatever which I have come to appreciate more or less. I'm getting my insurance changed and then I'm going to go to a different center to find a new one. I don't really have a very good relationship with the one I'm currently seeing.

02-24-16, 12:32 AM
I have been on and off Cymbalta several times, when I went off I dropped down to 30mg for a week,and then dropped it. Got a little dizzy the first week before I felt ok.