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01-05-16, 08:42 AM
I have two children with adhd age 5 ,6. Im am at my witts end. Months and months of waking up in the middle of the night raiding the kitchen not only wating but destroying everything in sight. They wake every morning at 4 am no matter what time they go to bed. I wake up to banging jumping my whole house destroyed with food toothpaste toilet paper . I have locked everything up and they figure out how to open it. I have tried giving rewards if they stay in bed til Atleast 6. I have punished them by removing sweets tv time. I just dont know what do do anymore! I have three other children and mt oldests teacher has made comments that he is exhausted at school and will fall asleep at times from them waking him up! Does anyone have any advice please!! I really need help! My 6 yr old is getting into so much trouble at school . i get phone calls from the principle once or twice A DAY!! I dont know what more to do! TIA

01-05-16, 10:37 AM
First of all, you are not alone. Read this thread: . I wrote it. Its not perfect but it can offer perspective. I may sound like an alarmist but I need to put this out there: You absolutely need to get in touch with your school's child study team/special education unit AND your county social service agency to get emergency intervention, or help and assistance. Its not if and its not a when, its a must and a now. I get it, they have issues and you are doing the very best you can. No one thinks this is your fault but you cant be an available mother to your other kids if your time is monopolized with your youngest two. Aside from the fact that we are talking about you dealing with 5 kids, two of which have something going on. They are not bad children by far, but they need help asap. Their lives are in danger, and your home and property is as well. In other circumstances I would say to call around and find a doctor, make an appt etc. But this situation cannot continue a moment longer than it has too.

01-05-16, 11:53 AM
Punishing doesn't help kids who can't control their behavior because of a mental disorder.

They want to, they know what they should do and what they should not do.

The disorder means they lack the ability to control or make decisions.

Please check out the sticky threads at the top of the parenting forum:

Lots of good, helpful information there.

My granddaughter never slept through the night; she has autism, anxiety and adhd.

Thankfully she didn't make a lot of noise or mess, but she was eating at night and not getting good sleep.

Even when she didn't actually get up at night (sometimes leaving the house) she would toss around till she fell out of bed and rolled across the bedroom floor.

We hated to add another med but everyone needed good sleep so she began taking Trazadone.

We are all getting the sleep we need now. :)