View Full Version : SSRI (celexa) and Adderall

01-05-16, 02:17 PM
What are people's experiences with Adderall and citalopram?

I've been taking 20mg Adderall twice a day for a few years. About two years ago I started taking 20mg Celexa for anxiety/depression.

For months I had been feeling basically nothing from the Adderall. Whatever helpful effects I got would only last momentarily.

About four or five days ago I started running out of Celexa. I started splitting the pills. I'm actually feeling better.

The Adderall seems to be working better. Overall I have more energy and feel more positive.

My doc had said before that experience shows that people on Celexa who take a break after about a year tend to do better without it than with it for a while, and then when (if) they go back on the Celexa it is once again effective.

Has anyone had an experience with SSRI and Adderall, or does anyone know if the effects of Adderall can be dampened by Celexa?

Or is. This. All. In. My. Head? :giggle: