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01-05-16, 06:57 PM
Hello everyone,
I want to share my experience, hoping to see whether anyone can relate, which would give me some assurance about my ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

My biggest frustration is with clothes, sometimes I can't tolerate anything on my skin while I'm sitting still or trying to sleep, especially on my neck, armpits and waist. No matter what the fabric is.

I keep pulling down my collar away from my neck frequently
Pull out clothes off my armpit
Constantly move my waist because the feeling of clothes there irritate me
I'd pull my collar up and put it on my chin for some longer relief
I'd pull my shirt away down my chest and keep it pulled like that for longer relief
I'd take my shirt out of my pants, tuck it back in, resize the belt, do that for many times until it feels more comfortable
I'd move a lot while trying to sleep, adjust my clothes until I feel more comfortable and rested
I'd put my hand around my neck to keep the clothes away for a while
I tie my shoes, bands, watch tightly then loosen them then back more tightly...

When I notice it and think about it, it gets even more irritating and frustrating and I keep adjusting them.

I feel a little awkward when people notice me doing this, it's like I'm contagious or weird or something.

It gets even worse with:

Wool, I never wear wool, it's real torture.
Dry heavy fabrics. Kill me please!
Tags, it's like a tiny mouse biting on my skin.

Second to clothing, the feeling of very soft or very dry materials irritates me so much, like:

Flour... I can't even express how irritating it is
Soft sand or dust
Dry paper
Wet clothes
Paper bags
My beard when it's long (it's not as soft as my hair)

I can never easily interact with things like these with my bare hands. And my finger nails hates them even more.

Third comes food, I can't tolerate biting or feeling the texture of some foods like:

Bites from apples, especially the skin
unripe dates (fruit) they also make my mouth very dry, I never eat them
Oily food!

Fourth comes people

I get irritated when someone puts their arms around my neck
If someone sits besides me too close, their leg or body touching mine is distracting and sometimes over-stimulating
Touching dry/cracked skin on people gives me shivers, even just thinking about it.

The list is just what I could remember right now, but it gives a good general Idea.

Could anyone relate? Is it just hypersensitivity and normal to ADHD over-stimulation problems? My psychiatrist said this is restlessness due to my ADHD, but I did not elaborate or give her all these information, probably just the first group related to clothes.

Thanks :)

12-14-16, 11:46 PM
Collar shirts. Major issues.