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01-06-16, 01:20 PM
hi there!! This is my first post to this forum so I hope I'm doing this right.

I have a beautiful bright 7 year old who was diagnosed with ADHD and a 2 year functional communication delay at the age of 5. (She turned 7 on August 5th) we have been through a looonng trial and error period since the age of 5 looking for the correct medication (as well as behavior therapy to help her control her symptoms).

When we started our ADHD medicine it seemed like a godsend. She went from needing to repeat Kindergarten to getting all A's. Of course the negative side effects started after several months... Weight loss, anger/irritability. She was very mean to her 2 siblings..and she was such a happy child before. Sure academics were much better but she was very angry. This was with Focalin.

We then switched to another stimulant that made the symptoms even worse.. She even started peeing and popping IN her room. So again we let her have a long break (2 months off meds) then when starting first grade our pediatrician suggested we try by ands 20mg. The by anise was of course great at first but the worst for her appetite she lost almost ten lbs over the course of a year in 1st grade and was very unhealthy. :-( also irritable and everything else . Great grades but we decided she would definitely need this last summer off completely from meds.

So fast forward to this year. She started second grade with no meds and healthy all weight gained doing mediocre in school, but definitely struggling with focus and her school work. Grades have not been nearly as good and she started to get in trouble for not being able to control her hyperactivity, distracting others, and not doing her school work. So we decided maybe we need to try something different.

Our pediatrician who we absolutely love and trust (the type that will call you from her home to check on your children) thinks we need a non stimulant as we have tried every type of stimulant out there and none work for her. Well they work in correcting the ADHD but the negatives definitely outweighs the positive. So- we started non stimulant straterra on Dec 28th. I understand it's a medication that needs to adjust to your body and takes time, it has helped the symptoms already but she seems very DEPRESSED. She wakes up crying that she doesn't want to go to school... Is very upset about any little thing that happens through the day or if she doesn't get her way. It's hard to watch.

I wonder if anyone has used this medication and how long I wait this out?? Is it the kind that gets worse before it gets better?? Or is this a bad sign that it isn't going to work for her? I've heard some horror stories about this medicine and I've heard stories of triumph and how it was their life saver. I just hate to see her sad. I know everything medicine affects people in different ways I just wanted to see if anyone has experience with this particular medication. If you have read this entire post thank you so much! I know there were a lot of run on sentences and lots of rambling here. Any help is very much appreciated!! Thank you so much!

01-06-16, 03:39 PM
Hello and welcome. :)

Sometimes side effects come when the dosage isn't right. Did your doctor tweak her dosages before switching meds?

Anothing thing that can help is to try a different version of the med that's helping but giving unwanted side effects.

There's Ritalin and Concerta. There's Adderall and Vyvanse. There's Dexadrine.

I haven't heard of this by anise, is it maybe spelled differently?

When stimulant meds don't help, it's worth looking at things like low levels of Magnesium or Omega 3, or a wonky thyroid, or allergies.

01-06-16, 05:49 PM
I have three kids all adhd. My son and my oldest daughter both took meds. My son decided when he was 16 he didnt like the way he felt on them and stopped taking them. My youngest daughter cant tolerate meds. My oldest daughter's journey with meds was long and hard. We tried many different meds and different doses.At one point we tried focalin which we had tried with no success the year before, and low and behold it worked. It was just the right dose. The next year it seemed the side effects came back and we went to adderall for awhile. Then at the beginning of last year she just decided she didnt want them anymore. I dont know why but she is nearly 16 and I can force her. My youngest never did well with any of the medications and it turns out, after she was hospitalized, we found out she suffered from anxiety and depression in addition to the adhd. What was a common denominator with all of them was they were all classified and had IEP's starting in pre-school and elementary school. This is essential for you to help her have the best shot at a good learning environment. You can google wrights law and read more about it but its really a must.

02-11-16, 10:37 PM
That's alarming. I would tend to say try something else.