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01-06-16, 05:23 PM
Anyone want to throw their books out the windows when one step during a problem resolution get you the wrong answer at the end !?

I'm doing Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus & Differential Calculus and it's getting really tuff sometimes when multiple steps problems comes along.. I understand everything but I still do a few attention errors even on medications which at the end, get me the wrong answer (Especially with Matrix ...)

I've got a pretty good result at the first exam but getting deeper in the book, it's getting really hard to keep focus.. I've tried different approach for medications and study but still, I just feel like my brain can't focus like it used to..

I guess i'm not the only one who felt that when focusing intensively, your prefrontal cortex seem to concentrate the blood flow trough the "right path" and then, allow you to concentrate/study but now, I don't have that same feeling where the focus state get's on. It's hard to explain but to make a long story quick, "the intensity of my attention" don't seem to be as it use to be and then I got to work harder then, my attention span get sorter. Even with studying strategy, I do a lot or mistake now..

Any suggestions ?!

NB: I've change medication dosage (Dexedrine) to get more or less, took days of too, got the right amount of sleep, eat well, exercises.. My PDoc want to add Wellbutrin to Dexedrine and Mirtazapine that I take right now..

Little Missy
01-06-16, 05:35 PM
A tutor. :)

DJ Bill
01-06-16, 07:05 PM
You sound exactly like me back in 1978. I tried precalc and calc classes at least 4X and never got anywhere. ADHD was a mystery to me back then, and hadn't hit the media as far as I could tell. I wonder what would have happened had I known what my problem really was way back then.

The tutor suggestion is great... do not try to go it alone if you are having any kind of trouble. That is why profs have office hours, and there are tutors, and student services.

I did finally go to a different college taking a vocational course and did fairly well for a while, but all my friends who went to that engineering school are now married with houses, cars, retirement funds, etc. Me bitter??? nah.:):umm1::eyebrow:

BTW I still make stupid math mistakes. Reversing numbers, or reversing operations gets me quite a lot. Calculators are wonderful things, especially printing ones.:D

01-07-16, 08:05 PM
Oh my goodness yes. That always messes me up so badly. I've just come to accept that I'm screwed if professors don't offer partial credit.

For homework though, I've found it helpful to do it with other people. As long as you've gotten some understanding of the concepts, if they do it with other people they can help catch those mistakes that throw the whole problem off. Or even if you just going over answers with people can help. Because then you can go back and find where those little pesky errors were messing you up when you did it by yourself.

01-08-16, 09:05 PM
Thank you guys, it's online course so I guess I'll have to go with it on my own.. Don't have the $$ for a tutor.

01-17-16, 06:00 PM
I feel you, story of my school life!

I never got around to fix that, but I had a couple of remedies.

If I'm just studying or doing some math work, I'd have the answer sheet right next to me. I only check the final number after each step, if it's right I keep going, if it's wrong then I go back and look for errors and try to get it right.

As for exams, checking the final number with a friend, if it's not close I will go back looking for the step with the stupid error, always found at least one.

If I didn't have time, I'd just trace and forge the numbers and It will look like I got it right (because 99% of the steps look right too) :D

Some people thought that I lacked confidence in my answer, but the fact is I was just coping.

This is probably another factor why I was good at math, I loved it, and I could get around my inattention errors which were much less compared to other courses.