View Full Version : Its about time they nailed these brain training scammers!

01-06-16, 05:53 PM

I was so happy to see this. Hopefully this will help keep the unsupported-with-evidence type of "programs" and "treatments" from preying on scared and confused parents. AND save someone some money.

01-06-16, 06:38 PM

Yes, I agree it's a good thing that they are being penalized for not having evidence it actually works.

01-06-16, 07:16 PM
People here try to warn new members against such things, but too often they've "drunk the Kool-Aid" before they arrive.

01-08-16, 01:04 PM
I feel there is some promise to the concept of engaging in activities to maximize and maintain brain function. The problem is in the misleading and almost downright fraudulant claims companies make about a product without having evidence to back them up.

01-08-16, 02:13 PM
They make the credible and effective neurofeedback and brain nurturing options very non-attractive to folks who could likely benefit.

I never felt right about pursuing any option that wanted to re-program my brain based on what they thought it should be doing vs. getting to know me and my brain and helping me learn how it works and how to better understand, nurture, and work with it.

The option I chose after doing a lot of reading and asking around was neuroptimal neurofeedback. It works as you sit and listen to music on ear buds, with sensors on your scalp and ears, hearing intermittent squelch-like sounds, as it monitors and clears up the neural pathways to assist you in functioning better in your own brain, not trying to re-program it in a way that you may or may not jive with.

I suck at explaining technical stuff that most want specific scientific explanations for - feel free to dig deeper via google - it's another one of the tools I stumbled upon via bartering exchanges in our local community, and it was indeed a life changing therapeutic tool.

Even though I fully support this type of neurofeedback, their marketing sickens me, as does most marketing of anything. Had I pursued it based solely on them trying to reel me in, I wouldn't have tried it. Sounded wayyyy too good to be true. First hand experience in exchange for hours at the local time bank vs. me having to pay cash was the only reason I attempted it.

I envision a little broom and dustpan going around cleaning up all the piles of thought I scatter around up there, and the changes happen in a subtle manner over a period of time. There are no "A-Ha!" moments in the immediate. And there's no annoying homework sessions to have to keep up with and do as I've seen with many of the other offerings.

It was so helpful to me, we eventually invested in our own machine and it continues to be incredibly helpful. But there again, mileage may vary and you have no way of knowing how something will or won't work for you until you try. Even a thing deemed "bad" may work for a few odd ducks here and there.

Remain highly cautious in every arena. The desperation for the quick fixes to try to survive day in and day out is quite profitable, which I feel is mainly because we keep seeking the endless external fixes and paying whatever they ask for it.

It seems like the shortest route to relief in the moment, but we often learn it's just the opposite. Too bad all folks aren't wired to not deceive others in the name of survival while f'ing with the lives of others.