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01-07-16, 08:54 AM
Hey all, I'm looking for intense indoor workouts that could get me close to the fix that you get from a run.

I run 2-3 times a week usually, but at the moment it's winter, which alone isn't so bad, but the pollution where I am makes it awful to go out and exercise.

I've tried youtube videos of workouts and dance routines, but the effect is small and doesn't last as long.

I know being in nature helps, but the nature here is laughable. A gym is also out because the only one in the area costs a ridiculous amount of money for any length of time.

If anyone has suggestions about how to stay sane while indoors please share!

01-07-16, 09:55 AM
I've never been able to run due to excess weight, bone spurs on my heels, fibromyalgia diagnosis, and severe arthritic pain. However, after making significant life changes recently, I discovered the mini-trampoline and LOVE it.

It feels like I'm jogging, it burns quite a few calories in a short amount of time, it helps keep the lymph in the flow, and my moods have improved a great deal since making it a point to do it daily.

I used to not exercise on purpose. I've lost 95 lbs, thus far, and have more energy than I can recall having for a looooooooong while. I'm not suffering from the seasonal depression as severely as I usually do this year, either. Bonus!!!!!!!!

I incorporate hula hooping and an aerobic exercise machine also. It's all set up in the living room amongst the furniture, right next to the stereo speakers, and I actually look forward to doing it, still, which is amazing within itself.

I placed an ad on the "wanted" area of my local craigslist seeking a mini-trampoline (they call them rebounders, too) that may be sitting around collecting dust, and received a response within a week. I included a photo of one in the ad.

A lady had ordered the Urban Rebounder off of one of the home shopping networks, but couldn't use it due to a hip injury, so she sold it to me for $50. It even has a handle bar for added safety, luckily. lol And it folds up and has a carrying case if I wish to take it on the go.

I made my own hula hoop for a total of about 6 bucks for materials. A hand made hoop typically costs 25 bucks or more around here. The typical store bought ones aren't heavy enough to use with much luck once we're all grown up. lol We had a hula hoop making party to make it fun for others, too. Here's an old thread about that:

I was graciously gifted the aerobic fitness machine by another who no longer wanted it in their way. I often see equipment in thrift shops for dirt cheap prices, as well. Best of luck in figuring it out. I'm now a firm believer in the power and benefits of exercising on purpose, and making it fun so it remains appealing and becomes routine.

DJ Bill
01-07-16, 11:21 AM
Mall walking is great too, especially if there are escalators that are turned off you can use for stairclimbing. Around here they open up at 7 AM for the walking crowd and maintenance people.

01-07-16, 11:41 AM
Cardio is kind of fun. But the effects don't last long for me either. I usually go for 20-30 min workout, cardiovascular, no equipment, total body, intensity level 3 workouts on the website below. Doesn't really do much for the ADD but is ok. There's a bit of coordination and memory involved.

01-08-16, 05:56 PM
To get anywhere near the effects of running while you stay in your house, I think you will end up wanting some kind of equipment. Something well-known that focuses on cardio. What equipment you use is up to you; the main things are that you find something that is safe, effective, and reliable.

01-09-16, 10:21 PM
Thanks for the replies, they are all good things to consider.

I'm changing countries in two months, so buying any equipment just doesn't seem worth it.

I walk 25 min to work everyday, and Korea is the land of stairs so I'm going up and down stairs a lot already too. I do enjoy the fitness blender videos suggested by burger, I think I'll have to do them everyday to compensate for running less. I did one every morning last week and only felt a slight itch in my brain instead of bad it can get.