View Full Version : How does Adderall compare with Dexedrine in terms of its effects on getting to sleep?

01-07-16, 09:01 AM
I recently made the switch from Adderall XR 10mgs, to Dexedrine 6mgs ER (I weigh it out on my own individual scale :p In the past, Adderall used to help me fall asleep quicker. I'm wondering if things have changed and if Dexedrine has been keeping me awake longer and if other people generally find it more stimulating than Adderall. Does Dexedrine interfere with sleep more than Adderall?
Anyone have any experience with this?

I am going to experiment not taking it of course, I just wanted to ask because my sleep is crazy regardless (I have DSPS) so it's hard to really know what effects what.

01-07-16, 10:29 AM
Actually adderall tends to interfere with sleep more than Dexedrine because it contains levoamphetamine which can cause excess stimulation and sometimes jitteryness
Dexedrine is just amphetamine. How's your sleep hygiene ?