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01-07-16, 03:25 PM
I previously mentioned on this forum that I was looking into the subject of past lives as a sort of a casual pasttime two years ago and found something about at least some of us being old souls that resonated with me on a deep level. School didn't work out, but I'm actually cool with that. I feel like my higher self is about to drop me off at the doorsteps of a guy that I've never physically met before but know online and really suspect to be my twin flame via my new job and it's all likely a part of our twin flame mission. By twin flame I mean another projection of my soul that's on the same frequency but opposite energy---a mirror image, if you will. We've never been romantically involved with each other before but the chemistry bt us is very intense whenever we do interact and based on my interpretation of a dream I've had when I finished uni and another one that I had more recently, I got a feeling we're about to physically bump into each other and we'd somehow end up together. By now we've known each other for around a year and my life's pretty much turned upside down over the last year. I believe I've had both the heart center and the kundalini awakenings and some source from deep within me showed me how to use my connection to the ground to absorb some of my anxiety and sensitivity and it's like I suddenly knew how to handle harder situations without losing it at people without having to exercise nearly as much self-control as before. I wish this new energy got rid of my attention problems but I guess I'll just have to accept that I need help when it comes to organization, but hey, losing the nervous habits is always a plus xD

Then, more recently, I stumbled upon the term indigo children and that really resonates with me. Not just the ADHD, but also every other aspect, too, like I used to be able to sense other ppl's feelings and presences within a certain radius and could sometimes tell what some people are thinking before they try to talk to me, esp when I was a kid.

I know, this is probably some crazy thing that only I and maybe a few others truly believe and I definitely can't talk about it irl, maybe except with my twin when it's time for us to reunite, but I feel like we're a pair of indigos with a specific mission and I've consciously submitted my life to that mission, not that I could go any other way anyways. If it means take a new job and move a few hundred miles away, then hell yeah. I saw myself living in that new place in my dream a few years back anyways and everyone in my family says I'd end up in that state. Just never knew the time to move is now.

Also trying to expand my consciousness beyond the occasional travels along the higher dimensions in the dream state. I guess I'll go along with whatever my higher self has planned in that aspect too.

and this concludes the visit from the robot.

btw any other lightworkers on here?

01-07-16, 04:46 PM
Im sorry but I dont understand. What is an indigo child?

01-07-16, 05:46 PM
I don't understand either, what's a lightworker as well? Can you explain Robot? :grouphug:

01-08-16, 05:51 PM
Indigo is a name for a set of characteristics that some people thought they had observed. It's been pretty thoroughly discussed, and pretty clearly shown to be imaginary.

01-10-16, 12:56 AM
We all got our own takes on that David. Doesn't change the fact that I did use to be able to sense people without them touching me. Worked best within a 5 inch radius of my skin but could project out my own energy field to up to a room and so to me it's not that far of a stretch that some can see auras as well as feel them. Light worker is a broader term for ppl seeking to expand our collective consciousness, like I'm starting by pushing to see how far my own can go. However unlike some out there I'm pretty sure our numbers aren't many. I understand though it's difficult to believe anything that one hasn't personally experienced.

Well I guess it's just another crazy thing I'm doing lol taking a break from school and all that to pursue more spiritual matters, take a job that family members want me to take and work out some very unusual chemistry with a guy who according to mutual friends is my exact clone minus the gender difference. And those similarities down to details that I use never talk about have sent me reeling before. And I honest feel like I'd go nuts if I don't truly face him physically and soon.

And another random thing. Idk how to convince a certain someone to be a bit more subtle about leaking their feelings into the air bc I'm sensitive and a bit of an empath and tend to absorb whatever moods in the air whether I want to or not so to me this is like listening to someone walking around stomping every single step. This person really has a way of making me exercise grounding techniques just to dampen out their energy lol

01-10-16, 01:40 AM
Oh and it's all about our own journeys and experiences and whatever resonates with each of us individually. Indigo is a term for some of us whose souls are very experienced but not normally from earth ie has a lot of experience living as energy beings elsewhere but has not had a lot of lifetimes on earth. We normally have an indigo colored aura according to clairvoyants. It's like when I meditate I see my own internal energy as this color.

That's it I guess. Time to continue to literally chase after one of my dreams. Actually several by now lol

01-10-16, 02:34 AM
I Few questions for you robot:

I do believe some people can read and feel others energy and see and feel other people's auras and energy given off around them... I also believe that there are spiritual energies all around us. Some are just more tuned into it than others. I do think people cam have psychic abilities and or feel a certain outcome(yes sometimes the results are causes of behaviors as well) . And for myself I have had many that I have visualized or thought something completely random and while daydreaming of nothingness and later on that situation turned out tor my thinking came to exist.

As far as auras, I can say I have actually seen one that I can recall. It was actually very freaky. I didn't like it... This girl that was dating a mutual friend of mine had such a darkness hovering and circling all around her, it was like this dark energy cloud covered her completely and the moods around her were always darker. Like she just had this darkness to her. Not nessasarly evil but dark and not good in any way.. Like something was just wrong... More interesting was another friend of mine that is a practicing Wicca made a similar comment about her. But she was convinced someone put that darkness onto her. So either way. Yes I think people do see. Auras... Some maybe not visually but some people presence just offers a certain feeling when they are near...

But my question isn't really that lol. Just something I remembered when you mentioned it.

But do you consider yourself Pagon or Wicca or Or how do you identify yourself?

Also do you belong to any meetup groups or spiritual groups as well to advance your skills?

Also, you mentioned this guy p, but. Never met him but your friends know him and you know him? Sorry I'm so confused on this one?

01-10-16, 03:52 AM
I don't know much about that stuff, but I'd like to share my experience I've had/am having with a particular person.

My fiancÚ and I are strikingly similar, even though we both grew up hundreds of miles away from each other, are from different generations, different religious backgrounds, different types of families, and are opposite sex.

Like, sometimes it's very creepy how the details match up between us.

We often have moments of:
"Hey, I like _____." (or "I am this way" or other things)
"I know."
"How did you know?"
"You too?" Or "You're like that too?"

It's not only for likes and dislikes, but for very specific thought patterns.

Even the way we experience things is very similar.

The details really are shocking how they match up.

Sometimes I wonder if me and him are part of the same soul or consciousness, I've even joked that maybe he is an older version of me and I'm just dating myself.

This isn't just like "oh, what a coincidence another thing we have in common..." it's like, "okay, this is the 200th time we have a detail that is the exact same about both of us." and it just feels too peculiar to be a coincidence at this point.

I mean...if I were to sit here and write a list of all of the details that are the same about us it would probably blow your mind. This isn't just two people who have lots in common, it's stuff lining up and matching up that would seem impossible to be the exact same especially given all of the differences of our lives before we met, but somehow it really does match up completely (more as in identical) and it is almost scary.

Little Missy
01-10-16, 09:15 AM
I think all of this is extremely fascinating.

01-10-16, 01:02 PM
My husband and I often read each other's minds. That sounds uncharacteristic of me and hokey and not who I am. And I dont mean we think of something in the same context. I mean I will say " yes, you should call your brother and talk to him " and he will say that he didnt ask me a question out loud but he thought of that and I answered it. This happens all the time. Also our ears ring at the same time. Weird, I know. Ill text him at work and tell him my right ear is ringing and he will say his is too. Makes no sense and we have no motivation for bull sh*tting each other. I dont know if this is because we know each other so well after 20 years or some other spiritual thing but we accept it as it is. I dont believe this makes me some kind of spirit guide or past life thing or that I have any sort of power that I am in tune to. It just is. And it has nothing to do with my adhd.

01-13-16, 08:06 AM
I just wanted to add some weird coincidences about me and dvdnvwls:
-Once, when we were driving around, I saw this old truck. I pointed to it and said "that looks like the kind of truck your dad would drive." I don't know how I knew that. I was apparently right, I somehow picked out the exact type of truck that his dad used to drive. I never knew anything about what it looked like, the year, nothing. It really is a mystery how I knew.

-Once he told me a phrase, for some reason that struck a feeling in my gut and I said "you just sounded like your mom." I had never heard his mother's voice. Didn't really know what she was like at that point. He told me I was right and he did sound just like his mom.

-We both have a phobia of moths
-We both have the same favorite candies - reeses and junior mints. (and many other same favorite other things of different categories - can't remember them all right now but it's quite a list)
-Once I started telling him about my favorite type of candles, he apparently likes the exact specific same type and it's what he buys.
-Everything he buys I end up liking, because we have the exact same style of things we choose to buy.
-We both seem to have the exact same expression in our eyes, I've never met someone else who does.
-We both know things about each other that we don't know how we know, well, often it's because we are both the exact same.
-Both INFP with a strong logical side (okay, I admit that's not that special, but still fairly cool)
-It is not rare that I text him right as he was reaching for the phone to call or text me
-We both went through possibly the worst stuff of our lives in April 2013 - it is both of our least favorite month because of that.
-The chance of us meeting was highly improbable. He had to be diagnosed in his 40s, I had to be diagnosed the year I was. We both had to find the forum at the exact right time. He had to have had his marriage trouble and separation at the exact right time. He had to not have had a child. I had to have gone through the crap I did in order to have kept posting. Same with him. I had to have dropped out of university at the exact time I did and under the exact circumstances that I did or else I wouldn't have stayed on the forums. I had to have had the random urge to message him one day, out of nowhere. If any one of these details had been altered, we wouldn't have ever met. And the fact that me and him are *so* similar, after all of that, makes it even more in he has NEVER met anyone as similar to him in all of his years of life and I haven't met anyone as similar to me either.

There are hundreds of more things to list, I'm simply forgetting them, but I really do think we have a special connection. I don't know why we do our how, or the reasons behind it, I just know there is more to this whole situation than meets the eye.

I think perhaps our consciousness is connected in some way.

Thanks for starting this thread, OP.

01-14-16, 05:44 AM
-Once, when we were driving around, I saw this old truck. I pointed to it and said "that looks like the kind of truck your dad would drive." I don't know how I knew that. I was apparently right, I somehow picked out the exact type of truck that his dad used to drive. I never knew anything about what it looked like, the year, nothing. It really is a mystery how I knew.
... and a beat-up green late-1949 Chevrolet 3100 is not even that easy to find - and it's not like we hadn't seen hundreds of other trucks. I mean, this was very specific. :)

01-16-16, 02:33 AM
My fiancÚ and I are strikingly similar, even though we both grew up hundreds of miles away from each other, are from different generations, different religious backgrounds, different types of families, and are opposite sex.

Like, sometimes it's very creepy how the details match up between us.
Item #65537: During a telephone conversation, both of us said "Wait a minute, I need some water" and went to get some. I didn't just get water - I also ate a spoonful of peanut butter while I was gone, but didn't mention it.

A couple of minutes later, BellaVita said "I'll get some peanut butter too".