View Full Version : I wrote my first job application for a job in my workfield

01-07-16, 07:45 PM
Half an hour ago I did my first formal application for a job in my workfield. I already have a part-time job, but I got that one without actually applying (they asked me). I have procrastinated applying for jobs for months. I thought of applying for jobs as something that was quite intimidating; I was afraid of how they may judge me. Of course it was only me doing the judging.

My brother (who is also my collegue at the startup who asked me (although it was his friend and collegue who invited me to join - my brother must have played some role in this of course) sent me an interesting part-time function yesterday and said that I should apply. I had until today to do this. Yesterday I had plenty of time, but I procrastinated, and today I started 75 minutes or so before the deadline. I had to update my CV and write a letter. I worked like crazy but I handed it in! It feels awesome!

I think I have a good chance to get this function, but even if I don't I am proud that I am finally daring to apply. I am happy with such a great brother who has already helped me in so many ways to advance my career, as well as with other things! What is especially awesome is that he knows how many troubles I have had with my studies and in my life in the last decade but that he still genuinely beliefs in my potential. I guess I should buy him some beers!

01-08-16, 06:35 PM
Ok so I got denied already. But I am proud that I tried. In fact tomorrow I will apply for another job opportunity - I've got to keep this momentum! :)

The reason that I got denied was kind of... interesting. The reason was that I was not a student at a university anymore. I texted this news with the reason brother and he and a friend investigated it, and he let me know that this company was looking for a cheap educational licence for a top software package in my workfield (which would otherwise be really expensive). So I am glad that I was denied, as I think integrity is very important and this is illegal, and they I think it's a waste of my time as it's not the work they are interested in but the licence. :eyebrow:

But well, let's stay positive and say that this good to practice my job application skills! :lol:

01-08-16, 07:01 PM
Congratulations on taking that important step. I think the first application is much harder than others just because it was first. It's almost nice to have conquered the start-up stress on an application that was "wasted" anyway; now you'll have a clearer mind to take on the good ones.