View Full Version : Any parents have experience with Procentra?

01-09-16, 02:19 PM
So my son is 5.5 and diagnosed with ADHD/ODD/anxiety/depression. He struggles with keeping his attention, hyperactivity and major impulse control issues. We started about 2 months ago on Quillivant XR 4ml and worked up to 7ml ( max for my son's weight). It worked well but it wore off by 2pm. We also added clonidine recently to help with his sleep. Not long after adding clonidine my son became an emotional mess in the evenings ( as quillivant was fully wearing off) . So we bumrushed the doctors office for some help. He said sometimes the mix of the two medicines can cause this emotional response.

Today is day 2 on Procentra. He is taking 5ml in the am and a very small dose of clonindine at bedtime. Yesterday he was at school ( day 1 on procentra) and had a great day behavior wise. He was just fidgety and very talkative ( normal symptoms for him when starting a new medicine I'm learning). When I picked him up, he lost it and continued with these horrible meltdowns off and on for over 2 hours until he got his bedtime medicine. I'm thinking either that was his procentra wearing off? Or the mix of quillivant and clonidine still in his system?

I'm definitely monitoring it closely but I'm just wondering if any other parents have experience with procentra? Or this emotional side effect of these medications?

01-09-16, 07:02 PM
Procentra and Quillivant act differently in the body, but they end up addressing the same basic general problems. It is fairly common, depending on the individual, for one of them to work better than the other - unfortunately there's no way of finding out except to try one, and then try the other.

Having meltdown-type symptoms is quite possible as part of Procentra wearing off. If that's what it is, then if it isn't too bad it often calms down in a few days. It can also be from several other basic things: dehydration (Procentra does cause the body to lose some water, so your son will need to remember to have some extra water at recess/lunch/etc), hunger (Procentra can cause some appetite loss, making it important to remember to eat lunch and snacks as appropriate), and tiredness/loss of sleep.

If your son's meltdown time was quite bad, and if you're sure that food/water/sleep were all good, then get in touch with the doctor - he may end up needing a dosage change. If it wasn't so bad, or if food/water/sleep could use improvement, then wait and see for a few days.

Keep notes on these kinds of things, so that when you return to the doctor you'll have all the information at your fingertips.