View Full Version : Effexor, how well has it worked for you?

01-10-16, 03:27 PM
I was put on wellbutrin 150mg a month ago for ADHD, after vyvanse stopped working and other stimulants didn't work. So far it barely works, somedays it makes my ADHD worse. I want to try effexor next, has any else had good results? I hear stories of it being horrible to being better than stimulants.

01-10-16, 08:14 PM
For me it worked unbelievable well for a few months, after than it slowly pooped out but I think still works somewhat.

I am adhd-i with both autistic and bipolar tenancies - throw in complex ptsd from our ****ting skool system and some mild dysthymia.

A low dose of effexor worked wonders for me, esp the anxiety and ptsd, but I think it helps my adhd too.

Trouble is that it pooped out for me, I think it still works somewhat, but I do not trust it existentially - as in that I am not sure the benefits outweigh the negatives of the year+ recovery when stopping. [I stopped once for about 5 years].

01-11-16, 11:19 AM
I am on 300mg Wellbutrin SR and 225mg Effexor. This has been a good combination for me and has been very activating.

02-28-16, 05:44 PM
For me i cant handle Ssri or Effexor over 75mg, it works like a sleeping pill. The only med that has worked for me is Cymbalta for depression along with my Adhd. So to sleep i used to take Effexor, but my biggest problem is it kills all my motivation over 75mg.

02-28-16, 06:13 PM
75mg made me so spacey that it was dangerous for me to leave my house, much less drive a car.

Discontinued after 3 days.

Prescribed for anxiety, I suppose in a way it worked, but not in a way that was tolerable.


02-28-16, 06:42 PM

It did nothing for my depression and I had horrible mood swings on it. Suicidal ideation was at its worst. It also.knocked me out. I could hardly eyes open.

But that's just me. Also I was on a ridiculously high dose. I've read very good review about it. It seems to be a life saver for some people.

Little Missy
02-28-16, 07:52 PM
Many, many, moons ago I tried it and lasted three-ish days. I never got out of bed. :eek: For a good week or more of sleep I'd recommend it.

03-09-16, 09:23 PM
This is only personal experience with Effexor; it was terrible.

Effexor had no measurable positive effects. It caused an increase in anxiety and cravings for alcohol. It had no effect on my ADHD symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms were terrible. I experienced jarring "shock" sensations, emotional turmoil and suidcidal thoughts. My pdoc had to switch me to Luvox to taper off.

06-18-16, 07:46 PM
ive been on effexor for several years for depression. i was just recently diagnosed with adhd so i dont think it was doing anything for me for that but works well with the depression.

my old dr put me on wellbutrin (added to the effexor for depression) and it made my adhd symptoms way worse. stopped taking that when i got diagnosed and started adderall for adhd and seems better. depression also seems better since diagnosed

06-22-16, 06:53 PM
I was put on effexor for depression/anxiety after being on adderall (again) since January. Adderall works well for the adhd symptoms for me but we wanted to try to get to the bottom of the anxiety and depression. So off the adderall and on effexor xr 75mg. I've been on that for about 3 weeks now. I don't find it does diddly squat for my main adhd issues (Primary inattentive). I'm back to losing people mid conversation. I'm back to sitting on my *** getting nothing done. What it does help with is impulsiveness. My mouth doesn't blurt things out so often. I'm also less angry. And I also don't feel like I'm a ridiculous middle age social outcast. Some of that is adhd, some of that is everything else. It's often hard to separate the things. What's depression, what's anxiety, what's adhd.

Anyway, I have a followup with my dr tomorrow and I"m going to ask for the adderall back, or quite possibly Wellbutrin. I've done WB and SSRI in the past with good luck (before we knew I truly had ADHD).

Otherwise, I'm ok with the effexor for the time being. It does tend to make me a little sweaty even though MD said it might actually help with hot flashes, and while I haven't lost my libido, (in fact, it might be increased) I have lost the ability to "finish". Head says SEX, body says "whatever". And I know that the WB could help with that.

So that's my long and short of it. Not really loving it for adhd. But at this point the other things in my life seemed like they needed addressing.