View Full Version : Adrenal Fatigue or HPA Axis Dysregulation ?

01-10-16, 10:15 PM
A pseudo condition called Adrenal Fatigue seem to be more and more popular these days and often missused by some Practitioners. As it could implicate symptoms of ADHD, I would like people to keep in mind that it could be far more complex than a issue with the Adrenal Glands and you should be aware of anyone who propose you to treat this condition.

I would suggest to read this thread from Definitive Mind's forum on why it seem more appropriate to call it HPA Axis Dysregulation:

That said, i'm not saying that symptoms doesn't exist but just keep in mind that as it implicate Neurology, Immunology, Psychiatry and endocrinology so I guess, what we could say a pretty mindblowing complex condition, to be wise before spending hundreds of dollars with anyone who pretend who could treat it.