View Full Version : Anyone get flu-like symptoms?

01-17-16, 04:09 PM
ever since my doc put me from 300mg to 600mg, for the last 2 weeks i've had the worst phlem (i think that is what it is called) in my lungs and very stuffy nose. Then I stopped 600mg and went to 300mg the 2nd week and it is still there.

Anyone else feel like they have the flu with wellbutrin?

01-20-16, 04:30 AM
600mg? Isn't the upper safety-threshold set at 450mg? Your Dr is taking a huge risk by prescribing you medications above the safety limit as he or she will be the one held responsible if you do end up having a seizure (have you had epilepsy-testing done?).

I have once or twice taken 600mg by accident (forgetting that I took the first dose), and only felt great. No flu-like symptoms at all, but did find some other people showing similar symptoms when taking higher than average doses. :)