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01-19-16, 08:30 PM
A Perfect Stranger.

There she sits starin' out her window.
Watching the passers by.
In search of a perfect stranger
Prayin' for a miracle.

C'mon she says with anticipation
Show him to me, let him see me
C'mon angel from up above.

Once again she sits starin' out her window
Still watching the passers by
Still in search of a perfect stranger
Still prayin' for a miracle.

Then suddenly he appears with a smile like no other, magic in his eyes and the feeling in his heart, he was oddly familiar and the moment was oh so romantic.

Only thing was, it wasn't a perfect stranger but her imperfect friend whom she already knows.

Exclamations of surprise all around and it finally dawns that the perfect stranger is another's blissful ending..