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01-19-16, 11:10 PM
A must-read report released by the CSPI today on how food dyes affect behavior in children:

These petro-chemicals are very harmful to our bodies and our minds and should be taken off the market, especially in foods marketed to children.

01-20-16, 12:13 AM
Thank you for sharing.

It greatly affects us big kids, too, from what I've learned first hand in eliminating many foods from my diet in the last 10 months.

I've helped greatly decrease arthritic and fibro pain levels, body temperature issues, severe mood fluctuations, restored energy, much less fog in the brain, sleep pattern is more normal than it's ever been, I lost 100 lbs., and I feel like a brand new person. Mainly because of changing what I choose to ingest. Never thought I could live without my "treats". Treats my a**.

Our bodies do not recognize that crap and can not healthily process it. No matter how many alphabet agencies claim it has actual nutritional value and considers it real food, it will never be healthily processed by a digestive system not meant to be fed synthetic versions of "food" in the first damn place.

This is a subject that isn't discussed nearly enough in so many arenas and it's near and dear to my heart in so many ways. Apologies for rambling.

Thanks again for sharing.