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01-20-16, 10:44 PM
My daughter is 7 years old. We just saw a new family doctor last week, and I told her about her behavioral issues and that I suspected she has ADHD. Our doctor wants us to see a neuropsychologist for evaluation, but there are none in my network and my out of network deductible is high. There are pediatric psychiatrists in my network. I called our doctor today and asked her to clarify why she thought a NP was necessary, and she said it was because of her behavioral problems, and even though she does well in school, she wanted to rule out learning disabilities. Can anyone tell me why a NP would be preferable to a pediatric psych for evaluation?

Here's a list of what's going on with my daughter.

Violent temper. Hits, kicks, bites, screams.
Gets angry easily.
Over emotional, has over the top reactions.
Can't play by herself for more than a few minutes.
Extremely "spacy".
Has a hard time sitting still at home.
Relatively well behaved at school, completely melts down at home. It's like she's working so hard at being good in school that she can't keep it together once she's home.
Poor-ish fine motor skills.
Can't sit still unless she's engrossed in tv or a book.
Gets super ****** off if I interrupt her while she's focusing.
Has a hard time following directions without a lot of prompting and repetition.
Never stops talking.

I'm ok with taking her to a NP, of course, I'll do anything that needs to be done. I just wanted to hear what other people who have been there think.

01-22-16, 12:32 PM
Does anyone have any advice or input?

01-22-16, 08:40 PM
Don't feel comfortable giving you direct guidance, but I would say call the pediatric psychiatrist folks and tell them that the doctor recommended a neuropsychologist.

You are sure to draw out some perspective from them ... and most likely the pediatric psychiatrists probably know when to refer someone to the neuro folks. There is overlap in medicine ... I think you can start with your own idea and go from there ... later on, if you're not satisfied with your daughter's progress you can go another route ...

Good luck.


01-26-16, 04:03 AM
The fact is you cant afford the neuropsyche. Thats just the way it is now. So go to the pediatric psyche doctor and start the process. I get it that your doctor wants to rule out other stuff but right now you have to deal with what you can do. Its more important to treat adhd as soon as possible then it is to spend time with a million tests to rule other stuff out.

01-26-16, 08:21 AM
IF the neuropsyche is covered by insurance I would go with that. But for us, insurance did NOT pay, and the cost was $2,000 so we never did it.