View Full Version : Is this a normal combination of meds?

01-21-16, 07:38 AM
I take:

Adderall XR 30 mg once per day in the morning for ADHD
Zoloft 100 mg once per day in the morning for generalized anxiety/depression
Xanax 1 mg at bed to help with insomnia

Just wondering if there were other people out there who take a similar combination.

01-23-16, 08:58 PM
My daughter is 14 and diagnosed with Anxiety and ADHD. She takes Zoloft 150 mg. She tried Xanax to be taken along with her Zoloft as an "as needed" med, but it had the opposite effect for her (seems this happens in small children but just her luck none of the quick acting anxiety meds ended up working for her). Her child psychiatrist also has her on Fish oil to help her ADHD, but if that did not work he would have considered a med for ADHD as well. So yes, this seems a normal combination.

I would say be careful with taking Xanax everyday. I only know what I read, but this med can be addicting. But of course if you need it, take it. I've seen the ugliness of anxiety and anyone going through it needs relief and a goods night sleep for that matter.

01-23-16, 10:18 PM
I'm another one who takes Omega 3 supplements instead of stimulants.

I take Zoloft for anxiety/depression, lucky that I only need 50 mg.

When needed I take Trazadone for sleep, that's an off-label use, it was developed to treat anxiety. Since I have anxiety and insomnia, it works well.

04-07-16, 05:27 PM
That's not an unusual combination of medication for those conditions. All very common meds in fact. But to echo others, it's in your best interest to limit or replace the Xanax. For more information, Google "benzodiazepine tolerance" or "benzo withdrawal hell".