View Full Version : Medikinet/ritalin differences?

01-22-16, 02:59 AM
I've been on 40mg Medikinet SR once a day for about 18 months. Recently I asked my psych to change my prescription to exactly the same but as Ritalin. I know they're essentially the same medication but I'd heard some people found Ritalin to be be better for them for some reason so all she did was substitute one brand name for the other on the prescription. Everything else stayed the same.

2 days in to Ritalin and it certainly feels.....different. I can't pinpoint it as yet but one thing seems certain, the massive rush of confidence I'd get during the first hour of Medikinet doesn't seem to be as strong. Not sure if it's managing my symptoms better or worse so far either.

So has anyone else gone from Medikinet to Ritalin (or vice versa) and noticed many (any?) differences?