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01-22-16, 01:17 PM
My daughter is ADHD inattentive. She is also diagnosed underweight. For this reason, the doctor won't prescribe her any meds. He said even the 'non stimulants' can cause appetite issues and he doesn't want to mess with it. She is driving her school batty. I feel for them because she is so much of a problem at home, too. She's in therapy but it is seriously not helping. She HATES to eat - it is like pulling teeth to get her to even eat food she LIKES. I am at my wit's end but there must be SOMETHING, SOMETHING I can give her to help her ADHD??? I am trying to find a specialist but our insurance is a nightmare and not covering anything. Help??

01-22-16, 06:35 PM
This is anecdotal, but I have friends whose daughter was in a similar situation.

After they started meds, the daughter actually *gained* some weight!

Before meds, she couldn't sit still long enough to eat a meal without getting distracted and running off. With meds, even though they did have some appetite-suppressant effect, she was able to sit at the table longer and eat.

Your (and your child's) mileage may vary. But if your daughter hates to eat even foods she likes, it's possible that she, like my friends' daughter, is actually hindered at mealtime by her ADHD. (There could be other reasons, but this is one to consider.)

If your child would generally benefit from ADHD treatment (other than the possible appetite suppression), there may be ways to optimize her food intake. Providing snacks with high nutrient/calorie density and timing meals and doses of meds could help mitigate any problems that do arise.

Best wishes!

01-22-16, 08:37 PM
You might try again to impress upon the doctor the important her getting treatment. Maybe he'll want to see you frequently to monitor her weight ... so you might propose fairly frequent checkups ...

You are aware of the weight issue, so it seems a bit silly to not trust you to monitor your daughter's weight and report any problems.

Might end up needing to see a different doctor ... Is this a family doctor or a psychiatrist? ... I would say always go for a psychiatrist ... they seem to be much more comfortable treating people with multiple issues going on. Psychiatrist generally take ADHD very seriously.

Good luck.


01-23-16, 02:36 AM
Ask you doctor about Intuniv. It will not cause weight loss. As a matter of fact, when we started using it, he gained weight.

01-26-16, 04:00 AM
I understand your doctor's concern but I wonder how qualified he is in treating adhd? Yes, stimulants can cause appetite suppression but since she is struggling so much now isnt that a sign that something drastic needs to be done? There are many ways of getting around this, such as protein milkshakes, nutrient dense food etc. As long as she is eating enough healthy food thats packed with vitamins and such, it shouldnt be so bad if she doesnt gain weight. Some people are just very skinny. My son has always been skinny. He started meds at 4. We had to find creative ways to get him to overcome the weight issue. He is now almost 20, 6'3" And about 165. He eats like a horse but is still skinny.