View Full Version : Lexapro VS Prozac

01-24-16, 02:33 AM
My doctor switched me to Prozac 3 weeks ago. I was taking Paxil but I started compulsively spending money and gained 20 pounds in like 3 months. Prozac doesn't do anything. No side effects anything. I've taken 60mgs.
It mildly decreases my anxiety, but it feels like a sugar pill. Is it? Lol.

Anyways, here's my question: Does Lexapro work for OCD?

02-15-16, 05:49 AM
When I first started Prozac(20mg) it didn't feel like I was taking anything either. There was no bad start up effects, Wasnt sure if it was even doing anything. After awhile, I noticed that I was happier and it did lessen general anxiety to a fairly well degree. Felt pretty Damn good! IT takes longer to kick in and longer to get out of your system because of the long half-life Prozac has.

IIRC, it took around 3 months for me to notice the full benefits. BTW, I was taking brand name. Can't comment on lexapro and not officially diagnosed with ocd, but Prozac did take away my ocdish tendencies. Simply put, they didn't even come to mind months into Prozac. Stick with it and give a a chance to kick in

02-21-16, 12:16 PM
I actually made it up to 60mgs and and started grinding my teeth so bad I had like 5 canker sores and couldn't hardly eat. My doctor put me back on Cele

Gypsy Willow
06-27-16, 02:53 PM
I don't think Lexapro work on OCD. I think it's prescribed more for depression with anxiety disorder. I hope you found the right med!