View Full Version : How many different medicines did you try? Bad side affects?

01-25-16, 03:33 PM
Hi all, new to ADHD, so I'm trying to find out what is "typical".

My son was prescribed Vyvanse 20mg. I saw no change.

The doctor said give him two pills, he turned into a demon. My 13 y.o. is funny, smiling all the time, very glass half full. On the double dose of Vyvanse the world was over, he was never going to have friends, or make the team at school, no point in anything, my rules were stupid, I was stupid, he growled and snarled at me! I stopped after 2 days of the double dose.

The doctor prescribed Adderal XR 20mg. We are on day one of that. I'm almost scared if it doesn't work that the doctor will say try two and poof I will have the demon child again.

How many different meds is typical, and are the side affects usually like that?

01-25-16, 04:47 PM
The doctor made a mistake asking you to give two pills. There is a 30 mg pill for a reason. Moving from 20 mg to 40 mg is a huge leap.

01-25-16, 05:17 PM
There are many types of meds but more importantly there are many different doses of meds to try. Doubling a dose is a lazy way to work on a medication problem so poo-poo on your doctor. With all three of my kids I have tried a total of 7 different medications of many varying doses. With my son we only tried two and hit the right one. With both of my daughters we tried 5 or 6 and for awhile neither of them could tolerate meds at all. Then my oldest took meds for 2 years and wanted to stop. My youngest could never tolerate stimulants at all. My son took meds from age 3.5 or so until sophomore year of high school. Kids change and so do the meds they need. Low and slow is the best way to titrate, not fast and high.

01-25-16, 10:02 PM
My daughters diagnoses is ever changing, but we also tried lots of meds. Unfortunately it's lots of trial and error, and oh so hard going through the process. Hope you find the right med soon.

02-16-16, 11:28 AM
As an update, the doctor next prescribed Aderall XR 20mg. It seemed to be working according to my son, but then it didn't. I called the doctor and hopefully having learned from her last lesson, she prescribed 30mg...but he said it's like he never even took the pill.

I am THRILLED there are no demonic like side affects, but how high of a dose do people try before they say "Nope, NEXT"?

My son will be in 9th grade in August and that is when ALL of the grades actually start to count. He wants to play sports in high school and college and I am REALLY hoping to get him out of his ADHD fog by then so he can focus and succeed.


02-16-16, 12:48 PM
Well technically with adderall the daily recommended max for adhd is 40mg a day and for narcolepsy 60mg. Now this means that conceivably the doc could go that high, but I dont see a need for much higher because you know right away if stimulants work or not. They do not need to build up in your system.