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01-27-16, 03:24 AM
General idea
In the UK - awful sun profile - we would only be able to make a kimchi like and a CP rapeseed oil like product from that list (like EVOO)
- otherwise all're off if we exclude dairy (see post above).

Femented cabbage + MUFA cold pressed is pretty much the raw vegan diet.


We need to be locally self-sufficient - even the UK's population is burning through 4 x times more consumables than the planet can support - ie we'd neeed 4 planets if all people were to be consuming at our level - and I believe the figure is 10 x for the average American's consumer profile.

One planet living will require us to live sustainably - which - most obviously will require local, healthy, happy living.

Pretty sure that most nations will be able to pull off the growth of cabbages if the UK (did I mention that the sun here is a rarity !!!) can do it.

01-27-16, 03:32 AM
Figures above slightly incorrect

UK 2

Middle Eastern 'rich' nations - burning the planet