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01-28-16, 07:13 AM
Pls advise from your experience.

I just bought L-Tyrosine.


L-Tyrosine + Magnesium; Does Magnesium counter the 'active' of L-Tyrosine?

L-Tyrosine + B-Complex 50 (or 100)

L-Tyrosine + Ritalin

L-Tyrosine + Concerta

Is it safe to take L-Tyrosine with B-Vitamins? Does that cause anxiety?

I know taking B-Vitamins with Concerta/Ritalin can have an impact on sleep and increase anxiety.

What about the Zinc 25mg I am taking in the morning - are there any interactions, is there a difference in taking it or removing it from my possible soon-to-be morning mix of:

L-Tyrosine 500mg
B-Complex 50 OR B12 1000mcg
Zinc 25mg
(and likely Magnesium 100mg)

Thanks a lot. I am going through a trial and error process now and any feedback would be much appreciated.

Trying to cut out my SSRI's too ever since discovering more about my ADD.

Fish Oil is also in the mix but that isn't a concern.

01-28-16, 10:18 AM
What does your doctor say? And why trial and error vitamins on your own? Are they for the adhd? Despite what people say or think, taking vitamins in whatever combo youve read about on the internet is just as dangerous as making your own cocktail from prescription meds. The "natural" part sometimes makes people thing "wont harm" when very often they can cause overproduction or overdose of certain vitamin levels in your body, or even deficiencies.

02-03-16, 01:58 PM
yes done A Lot of research the past 10 years since depression. etc

I have come to a point of desperation - my mind doesn't seem to think properly so I am taking the risk of 'natural' supplements.

A very calculated risk, having done the research and tracking day to day progress and symptoms. I need this because my doctor does not deal with natural alternatives and says he cannot discuss with me due to his rule of practise etc etc.

which i find ridiculous and am now finding ways to take care of myself.

i dont even know entirely if it is adhd because he said no but i can see with my own brain that i have a lot of the symptoms.

so i suspect SCT as a likely cause, because maybe mainstream docs aren't aware or treating it yet.

i am both scared and excited - but i have to move on with life

02-03-16, 03:36 PM
do anybody actually reply to threads.

help (?)

DJ Bill
02-03-16, 03:54 PM
does anybody actually reply to threads?

help (?)

Sometimes threads get lost especially if most members are just checking new posts every day like I am. Your question requires specialized knowledge that your average ADD forum member might not have access to...we do have some professional types here so you may get an answer from them, and bumping it to the top occasionally might get their attention.

I had to ask my pharmacist a similar question about supplements and vitamins with my current cocktail of pharmas.

There is a place on the web to check whether certain drugs will cause adverse things when you take a combination of two or 3 or 4 drugs, you might try one of them and type in the combination you are considering...I don't have the URL right now but I did find it via Google.

Good luck! There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself by eating well and getting rest, sun and exercise. Supplements may or may not help if they do not interact.. And isolating never worked for me either, I had to get out and have human contact to get my mind off my depression. It's tough I know.

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02-04-16, 05:32 AM
Thanks guys.