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01-31-16, 10:05 PM
If you are here today, reading this, then take a moment to think about what it took to get here. We were all born with less or more but we fought with what we had just the same. No matter who you are, you had to fight to get where you are and to have what you have.

Even If it feels like you have nothing then just think of the things in your life you have accomplished to get here or more importantly, what you have had to endure. Realize it or not, only the strong are here today and only the strong survive. That is life, but I believe some of us get dealt harder blows than others but we get back up and we keep fighting don't we?

But not without our share of scars. As time goes on, our scars can become leather and protect us if we choose to keep fighting and to embrace life.
Fighting means accepting that life is not a gift. You are not fighting other people, you are fighting a system that degrades us all.

But what you are fighting isn't as important as why you are fighting.
In life you will feel pain, loss, and hurt, but it is what you choose to hurt for that makes life worth living. We give our own world life when we give meaning to our pain.

A quarterback throws the ball after sustaining a severe injury in the prior game, but he continues to play on.

This isnt about work, it is about passion. He needs to play football or else the pain will have no meaning in his life, but giving the pain meaning, it allows him to find peace and strength in today.

Passion just comes from acknowledging what you can do well and doing it. It comes when you find your use and your strength in life.

In spite of whereever you are at, what you have lost, you do have something you are fighting for. The sooner you realize what you are fighting for in life, the happier you will be.

No one gave you anything, you earned it, you fought for it, and you deserved it. I get tired of the "life is a gift" stuff. I have fought for too much to call it a gift, but because I fought for it, I love life, every day.

Don't let anyone tell you, that you are worthless, less then them, or that you have to prove something. Don't let your boss beat you down or your coworkers or your family. Only you can decide what can give your life meaning, and it doesn't involve an applause. Any sports player that is looking at the crowd to see how he's doing, fails to see the game.

Life was never about winning, it was about being happy. But the two don't always agree with eachother.

That's it, thanks

01-31-16, 10:31 PM
Nietzsche said (and I hope my attempt at translation is easier to read than the one that's often given):

If you have a "Why" for your life, you can handle just about any "How".