View Full Version : AD/HD sider i norge

05-06-05, 11:49 PM
Jeg vet ikke at noe Norsk slik jeg bruker oversettelsesmaskin. Jeg funnet sider på norsk og om De behager post dem under eller om De liker prate akkurat post under.

Sorry this not great it is just I don't speak a word of Norge.

09-05-06, 09:30 AM
Ha ha thats funny! (the translation not the links) Is that how you read my english :D

I have a link to a forum in Norway its a bit slow at the time but will get more traffic if u use it.

09-07-06, 04:11 AM
Sorry don't speak Norwigen. That is a translator if you would like to PM me the corrections that would be great.

03-10-07, 10:15 PM
I hope it all works.

06-09-07, 09:59 AM
Hi all Norwegians, and the rest of you :)

Not to many from Norway here, but I have located a few.
Where are you?!?

Ichpuchtli: I liked the translation :D