View Full Version : advice on desoxyn preferably generic desoxyn 5mg

02-06-16, 02:56 PM
Hello, I have been taking adderall generic IR 10 mg 2 x a day for 1 month and a month ago my psychiatrist upped it to 20 mg 2 x a day after I didnt see any help. Other than killing my appetite and feeling not as tired( more alert not needing as much coffee) I m not sure I see any improvement for ADD symptoms that I have. Any help I see is short lived and the affects last only a few hours.

I get dry mouth on the generic adderall IR which is manageable and I can still workout with weights and do cardio workouts but feel that I cant push too hard running like I used to. Not sure if thats from the peripheral side effects from my current dosage of generic adderall IR.

I have classic ADD symptoms. I have read a lot online forums, posts etc. since recently going to the psychiatrist to try medication to help and I keep on reading about Desoxyn and how many people really feel this medication really helped them with the least side effects for their add symptoms. I have never discussed Desoxyn with my psychiatrist but am wondering should i bring up the drug with my next appt coming up in 2 days? Have others found drs willing to try their patients on it? Have you found pharmacies being able to order it for you?

I have seen my psychiatrist twice in 2 months and in terms of stimulants all he has offered me is adderall or vyvanse in terms of stimulants he has most of his patients try in terms of in the ampehtamine class.

I would love someone who is currently on or in the recent past has tried Desoxyn or even more specifically tried the generic Desoxyn 5mg tab to tell me their experience on it and if possible compare it to being on adderall IR. Pros and Cons of being on both if possible? if not just tell me their experience on Desoxyn or generic Desoxyn 5mg tab..

I have a bad prescription plan which only has reasonable prices for generic drugs and brand name drugs are very expensive on my plan. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. I have checked and my prescrip plan would pay for the generic desoxyn at a reasonable price and 2 local pharmacies said they would have to order it for me if i had a prescription for it..

Finally how familiar is the average psychiatrist with DESoxyn? All the ADD books I have read never even mention it in any literature(ie books at barnes and noble or library etc.)..



02-07-16, 10:16 AM
I am not saying this is right but most doctors, pharmacists and people think that desoxyn is some big bad wolf in the realm of treating adhd with stimulants. I suspect this has to do with its generic name containing the word methamphetamine and how popular it can be to abuse at least according to those pro-druggie websites. My understanding is, despite its name and rep, its actually very mild and smooth, but at the same time could conceivably be more easy to abuse? Like if its so smooth, if you are looking for a kick in the butt like adderall can give you may be tempted to take more than prescribed?
I honestly dont know why this is. It is a legitimate treatment option for adhd, and I dont know why people view it as a "last resort" type of med.
I mean oxycontin has been compared to heroin but its more readily prescribed right?