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02-07-16, 01:48 PM
i recently went to a psychiatrist and got diagnosed with adhd now I'm finding out there's different kinds of adhd, idk what kind I'm diagnosed with but I was given concerta and here's how it's effecting me I've been keeping a notepad on how I felt since taking it cause a lot of people suggest that as I frequently forget things.

noticable positive effects
slight calmness
less impulsive decisions
more control over my fidgeting

no noticable change
procrastinating when i have to get something done
completing tasks/get bored easily
getting sidetracked by thing such as (t.v/phone calls/texts people talking/doing stuff/other activities)
paying attention (like i can listen to someone telling me something but remembering it is very difficult/impossible)
paying attention to detail/making careless mistakes
forgetting to do things when asked to (has to be written down infront of me to get my attention)

Side effect i get a headache around 5-6 hrs after taking it and it's hard fall asleep keeping me up till around 2:00-2:30am

what could this mean? are stimulants not right for me? am I not on the right stimulant? is my dose to low/high? have I been misdiagnosed?

03-04-16, 03:20 PM
I would help to know how late you take your meds and the dosage. Also, make sure you avoid coffee or other caffeinated drinks.