View Full Version : Question: Is your child's public school Child Study Team under the school principal?

02-08-16, 12:27 PM
I'm interested in knowing if it's different district to district, what it should be - Is the school principal the boss of the school psychologists? I feel like the Child Study Team should be under the Board of Education, so that they are not under the principal. I want to know that the school psychologist would have no problem being on the parents' side against a teacher if needed. At our school, the Child Study Team is under the principal (who is completely pro-teacher).

02-08-16, 01:17 PM
Our evaluation team is under district leadership, not under just one principal.

We didn't have any problem getting my grandchild an IEP, but getting it enforced was a different matter.

We had a principal much like yours seems to be.

Thank goodness for district coordinator who has been able to set up several independent classes for kids with autism although the principal would not agree to transfer my grandchild to one of them.

Instead she was sent to the school for kids with behavioral issues for a year.

She did so well in that crazy chaotic environment that she wasn't allowed to return there the next year. :yes:

The district coordinator was finally able to set up an independent class for middle and high school kids.

My grandchild has done so well in that setting that she is now able to attend some inclusion classes ... without an aide or para ... all by herself. :D

It only took 7 years to get around our local principal. Argh! :umm1: