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02-09-16, 06:44 AM
Hi there,
I am new on the forum. I just found out about my ADD a few weeks ago. I am 42.
I have a rather silly question: do you often get distracted when watching films? I often can't make it through a movie. At home I will get up and do the dishes, or water the plants, while keeping half an eye on the TV. It's too dull. Or I focus on weird details: what are they wearing, what are the expressions of the extras in the background, what is the time on the clocks etc.

On the other hand, I can get very obsessed if a plot doesn't really work out: Titanic: why couldn't he get on the door too. Jurassic Park: how do you train velociraptors. Sherlock Holmes,the Reichenback fall: why did it matter that John didn't see him fall on the mattress, what about the snipers?

I am the same with nature walks, museum visits: if there isn't a story there that can catch my attention, I find it so dull. I need to know the gossip behind the paintings: did Picasso have an affaire with the girl in the painting? Did ninjas use this trail for training?

It's weird.

Sounds familiar or is it just me?
All my best,

02-16-16, 01:55 AM
This is where my SO comes in - she keeps me focused through movies or even TV shows... :)

02-16-16, 02:24 AM
Hello - welcome to the forum!

Not being able to sit through something that most people would have no problem with is actually an official symptom of ADHD. :)

So - No, it's definitely not just you. :)

02-16-16, 02:47 AM
That is one reason (besides other personal reasons) that I don't watch movies.

Never could sit through longer than 15 minutes.

And would talk to people while they were watching the movie very often, which annoyed them.

My life is better without watching them anyway.

That is a very common thing for ADHD.

02-16-16, 04:24 AM
Yes, often distracted, I'm partly on my ipad unless the movie is totally enthralling and then I somehow miss a bit of the plot (wait- who is that?)

Or I'll miss some bit of key information way in the beginning or some important character's name, or something like that. OK this sounds ridiculous but we were watching "GI Joe" the other night (which is just implausible yet entertaining)and I never understood what "cobra" was and, what was Bruce Willis doing there in the first place?
and how can you just throw together a stunning outfit and go spy on people and how are you possibly still wearing any eye makeup after having been trapped in a well???

I really do love movies and TV though, in spite of this. I don't have much of a problem sitting still so that's never been a problem.

03-05-16, 09:55 PM
Definitely! I actually love movies, but have a hard time focusing on them, especially if watching at night when my medication is wearing off, so if it's something I look forward to I try to catch it in the theater, where there are less distractions. I too often find I obsess over plotholes way more than my friends. I might say "But it made no sense" and it nearly ruins some otherwise great movies for me. My friends just say "But it was so good, who cares if that scene didn't make sense?" Or if time jumps ahead in the movie without a clear indication, I get really frustrated. Of course these things bother me less lately, I've been on treatment for about 6-7 months now.

03-05-16, 11:09 PM
Welcome to the FORUM

I've always been fond of "Animal House" and "Blues Brothers."

Seriously, anything by Russell Barkley,Ph D, would be helpful.