View Full Version : Dexadrine spansules dosing questions

02-10-16, 09:44 AM
Got switched from adderall to dex a couple weeks ago. First impression is that this stuff is quite a bit more potent than the adderall, and I'm finally starting to see some positive results, but I'm still playing with dosing to attempt to find the sweet spot.

For those of you who take dex xr (spansules), approximately how long does each dose last for you, and how do you schedule your second dose with as little overlap or comedown as possible?

For those who use an xr/ir combo, how do you combine /space out your does?

I realize everyone is different, just trying to get a basic idea. Thanks in advance!

02-10-16, 02:32 PM
I take 60mg of Dexedrine per day, in the form of 4 15mg spansules.

I used to take 30mg at the start of my day, then the other 30mg ~4 hours later. Well, I still do that sometimes. That dosing schedule can sometimes result in disturbed sleep. I would usually get 12-14 hours coverage from this.

Lately, I have been taking 60mg at the start of my day, with a meal. This is with my doctor’s blessing. That tends to last me about 9-10 hours, and does not disrupt my sleep whatsoever.