View Full Version : Lyrica (pregabalin) for ADHD and Anxiety

02-11-16, 03:49 AM
I've been on Lyrica for a week now. I have ADHD and currently off ritalin (it works for me but only at high doses). Lyrica seems to be an amazing drug. At 600mg a day my anxiety and mood definitely improved. And with that also my focus. It does stabilize my mood to the point I realized I was getting somewhat depressed. The strong kinda recreational effect I got on the first dosages of 600mg disappeared in a couple of days but the lasting effect for hours of great mood is very stable for now. As for the weight issues regarding Lyrica use, I actually enjoy it as I am a bodybuilder and currently bulking. In a month or so I will just close my mouth :D. Also some pain from the gym on a shoulder disappear while on Lyrica. It does not correct the focus as ritalin does, but it helps a lot on the anxiety related issues.