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Gustavo Woltman
02-11-16, 02:58 PM
i am european working for an american company. few years back when i got hired i was not aware of having adhd.

now, however, i am diagnosed and under treatment for a year already. i recently had a look at the employment forms and there are these questions there:

1. have you ever received prolonged medical surgical or psychiatric treatment?
2. have you ever, or do you now, take medication regularly?

considering that my current assignment is close to ending, if i am to receive a proposal for a new assignment i would have to fill in this form.

is this common practice in american companies? i was somewhat convinced that my medical history is not to be disclosed. on the other hand if i would leave the answers blank is synonim to saying yes. and in both cases i would probably not be suitable for any future assignment. for a very good reason, of course, like "we have no openings that suit your experience and capabilities".

so, bottom line, having to answer to these questions is mandatory? what are the consequences if you answer "no" but later use the company provided insurance to pay for adhd treatment?

02-11-16, 03:10 PM
Here's some information from the US government about the issue:

Apparently, they can ask certain questions about medical history *after* you receive a job offer, but prior to beginning work.
They are not allowed to ask these questions prior to offering you the job.

02-11-16, 09:11 PM
... which, to me anyway, brings up this question:

For the new assignment, are you already considered hired and just being assigned new duties? Or are you applying from the beginning again?

02-12-16, 10:48 AM
I'd ask a few questions:

1) Why is this information being collected?
2) Who has access to view my responses?
3) What are the consequences if I do not fill out this form?

Stress that you have no issue sharing information if you know that your privacy is protected.

I had an experience where I got a job offer, then a "confidential" form arrived in the mail, and right on the form it stated that it was purely for statistical purposes and would not be information accessible to those hiring me. Two days after I fill it out I get a call from the lady that hired me asking if I needed any workplace accomodation for my ADD. Then the job offer suddenly vanished.

That being said, a lot of the time the information is collected for the health insurance only. But it doesn't hurt to ask the questions first.

I have heard of people having offers withdrawn, or even being fired because of a past treatment for cancer, and I've heard of many cases where stigma and ignorance have lead to problems due to forms such as these.