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02-11-16, 10:21 PM
I have tried to tell my daughter's doctor now three times that she has anxiety that started way before her Dx with ADHD. Concerta puts her in A very bad mood. Her anxiety started at 3 years old. He keeps blowing me off when I ask about trying strattera, saying (The first time) that anxiety stems from ADHD. He has most recently suggested going down in dose from 36 to 18 but she used to TAKE 18 and back then she didn't verbalize or describe it as bad mood but she said she didn't like how it made her feel.

Why is he unwilling to listen to me that stimulants exacerbate her anxiety and makes her irritable? Is there some reason she shouldn't take strattera? Her dad took her to the appointment this time and did not stand his ground. I've left a message for the doc. His reason this go round was that he didn't want to start something new this late in the school year and that it would take a month for it to work (I don't care! She is gifted and still in middle school; it will be fine). Well it's better than nothing because that's what she is taking right now!! Thanks in advance for your help!

02-11-16, 11:42 PM
It's always frustrating to me when I hear this. I would check follow up with a Dr.
what the parent feels is best for the child should be taken into consideration by the Dr
I believe I got lucky with our pediatrician I couldn't ask for a better dr. He takes all my thoughts and feelings into consideration

My son is 15 with add my niece 5 with adhd I chose to put them both on all natural plexus products. I had heard so many good reviews about how well the products worked to control these issues and have been over so many testimonies from parents as well.
my children take the vitamin the megax which is omega3 probio5 which is a probiotic and the slim drink for children you take some of the dosage down,

The best thing of all is there are no unwanted side effects and it keeps them very healthy less susceptible to the colds the flu etc. And best of all my Dr. is right on board with our choices.

Hope all works out well for you!