View Full Version : Chest 'tightness'?

02-13-16, 01:31 AM
I'm on 40mg per day (short release) of Methylphenidate which I can take either as 2x 20mg or the 40mg in one go and I do the latter as I never feel anything on less than that.

Very often (sometimes every day, sometimes every other day) I get a sharp sensation around my chest. I say 'around' because it can occur anywhere in my chest, very often over the space of about 10 minutes it can move around. I don't feel it actually moving but it then pops up a few inches away.

I never feel out of breath, dizzy, sweats etc, just this sharp pain and the best way to describe it is a stitch when you run too soon after eating.

Usually taking some ibuprofen clears it up.

Going on all of this, it appears to be Costochondritis as it mirrors the symptoms. I went to my doctor about it and even obtained a second opinion. Both said they were satisfied it wasn't my heart (I do a lot of running anyway) especially as the sensation feel quite close to the surface of my skin rather than deep in my chest.

I get the drugs from my psychiatrist and when I mentioned it to her she didn't seem to know what it was. On one hand I guess if she thought it was a significant problem she'd have referred me for tests, I get that. I understand doctors don't know everything but I'd rather some kind of diagnosis rather than a "I don't know".

I did try the extended release version, I don't remember if I had the sensation with it but I couldn't deal with the extended low moods and was soon put back on SR.

I'm due to see a different psych next week but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this chest pain?

02-13-16, 05:48 AM
I don't know much and I probably need to know more. I went for a run yesterday, very small, but I was at work and had to keep going. It did seem to pass.

02-13-16, 11:06 AM
40mg is quite a high dose to take at once. The maximum recommended dose is 50 - 60mg per day taken in two or three divided doses throughout the day (no more than 20 - 30mg in one go). The chest pain and tightness may be due to vasoconstriction caused by the methylphenidate which can put a high load on the heart. Generally the higher the dose, the worse your complaints would be if it is cardiac related. That is an odd dosing regime nonetheless.