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02-14-16, 02:03 AM
Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so if this is similar to another thread or if any of this post breaches guidelines please forgive me :-)

I am a 22 year old female in Perth seeking a diagnosis for my ADD symptoms, preferably by a female psych. I haven't self diagnosed myself or anything but after reading about adult ADD nearly a year ago I realised that I had a lot of the symptoms.

I have always known something is 'wrong' about me, but I resisted the idea of having ADD, reassuring myself that I have always gotten excellent grades in school and that I was just a lazy person with a lot of personality flaws. I also had a couple of vitamin deficiencies and a history of depression/anxiety that can produce similar symptoms, except now my blood work is great and I am a happy, only occasionally anxious person. The only thing that went away was my sleepiness.

Since then I have come to terms with the idea that something is interfering with my life, whether it's ADD or something else. I want to find out what it is and how to deal with it.

So: what is the process for getting a diagnosis in Perth? And does anybody know a good female psychiatrist (preferably NOR) to assess me?

I feel very nervous going to a doctor about my symptoms, especially my regular GP since I have tried so hard to present everyone with the facade of a 'better' me, hiding all the symptoms I didn't think were symptoms and just bad things about myself. I'm worried that he will think I'm making it up because I've hidden it before, and that a new doctor will think I went to them because they don't know my history and will be more likely to say yes! Especially because ADD meds are so restricted and abusable and I'm in the prime-partying age bracket of 18-25 with no childhood diagnosis, what if they don't believe me and suspect my motives? Will honestly communicating my symptoms and feelings be enough or will they think I'm just reciting what's on google? Does anyone have any advice??

Any help is very appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

02-14-16, 04:13 AM
First of all there is no reason to feel nervous about going to your GP and discussing your symptoms. ADHD is one of those disorders that tends to go unrecognized in undiagnosed adults. For many, the diagnosis is a life changing event as they're finally able to manage or solve the problems they've had due to their ADHD.

Getting diagnosed here in Australia generally requires a referral to a psychiatrist by your GP. This is of course up to your GP if he/she suspects you may have ADHD and/or any other co-morbid disorders. A GP cannot diagnose you.

In my case I didn't have a childhood diagnosis but my symptoms are pronounced and have hindered my academic performance.

My best advice is to be honest about your symptoms and make it clear how they're affecting different aspects of your life.